Hi, I'm Andre Venter!

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Project Daisy
Lumber Jill
ARC-170 Starfighter
Classic Bedroom
Kitchen 3D Previz
Loft Interior
Foyer - Arch Viz
Barendina Celeb
Barendina Blender Reworked
Architectural Visualization
Blender 3D Automotive Vizualisation
Product Visualization - Watch
Blender Dynamics and Particle Simulation
Tennis Racquet Render
F-15 Eagle
Collaboration Blender 3D Industrial Visualization
Pro Bono Animation Work
Tennis Girl
Build Fund Posters
Warrior Girl Re-Worked
Morning Chaos
Character Quick Sketch
Pinball Sam
Character Sketches and Paintings
Tennis Ball Render
Match Moving CG Robot 3D Animation Final
Facial Rig Test - Expressions and Dynamic Hair System
Redd Wilde
Redd Wilde Fiery Ninja Girl
Animation Challenge - January 2013
Animation Challenge - November 2012
Robot doing Karate Kata
Warrior Girl - Early 3D Project
Warrior Girl 3D Illustration
Sadness 3D Illustration
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